Welcome! I am glad you have stopped by.

I am wife to a wonderful husband, mother and grandmother. We have a blended family with children ranging from ages 16-28. I love Jesus, baking, crafting and coffee.

I write here about my own Journey In Christ to help myself and other women read, study and grow in our Lord through His Word.
I started this in 2011 mainly as an on-line journaling tool, I have met some great women and men of God here. I am so very grateful for you all. I was away from the Internet for quite sometime and late in 2015 I rediscovered this blog and here I am.

We all live in the world but we are not of this world. We all sin and make mistakes but thank the Lord for his mercy and his grace.
I post things that happen in my life and how I respond to them, Inspiration, devotionals, commentaries on the books of the bible, bible study through on-line community and as my God teaches me things daily and how my faith impacts my life and those around me. Having a relationship with the Most High was something I had not really thought about in my earlier years, it was all just 'religion' to me. (Other stuff about Me)

I am humbled to know Him and to be transformed by him each and everyday in all this life brings. I hope to provide a place for other women to studying their Bible, build online communities with blog, facebook and Google to encourage and prays with one another.
It is my prayer that we all unite in these communities, that we may use these online resources to share with each other not only our love of God and his Word but our hopes, dreams and prayers as we grow together.

Won't you join me?

With Love in Christ, Blessings to you,

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