What if you could give someone Hope & change Lives?

Today I learned that we @Trades of Hope are eager to hire a new group of artisans - 500 sisters across the ocean who are making 7 cents a day.
Seven. Cents. A. Day.
The only thing standing between these women and living wage work?

More women saying YES to telling their stories, YES to marketing their goods in other women's homes, more of you saying YES to getting out of your comfort zone and truly being the change you dream of seeing in this world.

And the beautiful thing about this dignified partnership is that we are compensated for our work, for our investment in them, with meaningful, flexible income for our own families. Sound like something you'd like to be a part of?!

- Beautiful jewelry, scarves, bags, home decor, and more!
- Everything Fair Trade!
- Empowering women out of poverty!

If any of that appeals to you, then Trades of Hope might be an amazing place for you! We are looking for more Compassionate Entrepreneurs (CEs) to join our family, and here are some of the perks working with us:

- Earn FREE products plus 20-50% discount on all of our items
- Earn an income plus bonuses that are available every month
- Opportunity to travel and meet our artisans(!)
- Having a flexible schedule
- All while making a difference in this world!

PLUS, if you join between now and July 5th, you'll also receive our gorgeous Lilywrap Bracelet for FREE! will you JOIN US?

Click the photo for more info or contact me via email, FB or just Call/Text
find me on my PAGE @TOHTracySingleton

It only takes a few moments to learn how this can make a difference in Your live and Hers


Some of our Sisterhood in Costa Rica

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