List of Ethical Eco-friendly Socially Good Companies

I know that I purchase products for various reasons, as I am sure you do as well. Concerns for the environment, my own health, who made this and in what conditions? Was animal testing involved? Is this safe for my child? 

We, the consumer, buyer, purchaser, have power, we can use our power by shopping with organizations that support survivors of trafficking, various types of attacks and extreme poverty. By purchasing these products we are providing sustainable business and self-sufficiency to the survivors. 

Take a look at the listings I have compiled below. You are sure to find something for your home, a great gift for a friend or family member all while giving dignity and hope to the ones that created the products.

There are an increasing number of companies out their with ethical practices. I am still compiling my list and will post more as they are made know to me. This list contains clothing, shoes, boots and something for the little ones. This list contains some affiliate links.

Unlock Hope – Every purchase gives quality health care, healthy food to eat and a safe place to live.

Clothe Your Neighbor as Yourself – Each purchase sends an impoverished child to school or helps someone on the streets to overcome homelessness through job training.

Passion Lilie – Fair trade, Eco-friendly apparel that empowers artisans across the world by creating dignified employment opportunities.

Wear PACT – Super Soft Organics -- Men, women & baby basics. All apparel is sweatshop free and ethically produced.

Liz Alig – Our goal is to make fashion forward, effortless style that you want to wear – clothing that gives women in developing countries hope and meaningful job.

Imagine Goods – Imagine Goods partner with vulnerable and marginalized people around the world to make products that give them fair wages.

BeGood Clothing – Premium Eco-friendly clothing.

Everything Happy – Deliver happiness to children with our Happy Blankies®, give your child a forever friend. For every Happy product purchased, another one is given to a child in need.

Baby Teresa – Organic Babywear that gives back.

Tea Collection – For the Little Citizens of the world.

Indigenous – Organic fair trade fashion.

35 More Fair Trade & Ethical Clothing Brands – sponsored article by Fair Trade Winds. 
Founded on the idea that every product has a story and that if you listen closely enough, it will tell you of the hands that held and crafted it with care.

You can even find some of these great items at

Shoes and/or Boots too

Sole Rebel – Eco Friendly Shoes and WFTO Fair Trade Footwear.

Ethletic – 100% vegan, fair trade shoes made from sustainable resources

Fortress of Inca – Handmade shoes, boots and accessories from Peru.

Nisolo– Handmade Leather shoes, Chukka boot and Bags.

Patagonia – Outdoor clothing and gear.

TheRoot Collective – Handmade women’s shoes that change lives.

What if your accessories told a compelling story of hope and life?
What if you could empower women halfway around the world with just one click? 

You can!

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