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Congratulations Alex and Darla!! 

I hope you love your Trades of Hope!!

So I have a had some time off from electronics and devices but now I come to you with a GiveAway!! Yay!!

I’m thrilled to tell you more about this amazing company–Trades of Hope. The heart behind it is really more of a ministry. Although there’s money to be made by the consultants (Compassion Entrepreneurs) and the artisans, the desire to help women in very poor places like Haiti and Nepal is what drives them. This quote says it all: “Have a career that feeds your soul, while empowering women out of poverty.”

Let me tell you about these products. Not only are they fairtrade, which means the artisan who made it is paid a fair, living wage, but they are hand made and so beautiful. Everything is very high quality! Think of the pricier stores where you love to buy things-- totally on par with that!

So here’s what I have to offer to you today--

 Mumbai Earrings (2 different Pairs)

Two different pairs of 2-inch, embossed, medallion earrings silver and gold-- offer eye-catching accessories made in India.

 These earrings go beyond helping women escape poverty by providing job training so they can become self reliant and independent. It also helps support a school for 165 underprivileged children, many of which belong to the artisans. The school even has a toy Library. Most children could not afford toys. The Library gives these children a chance to enjoy a new toy each week on loan.

Peach Valley Infinity Scarf


Look brilliantly bold this season wrapped up in this beautiful scarf from India! This Infinity scarf is breezy and made from a sheer fabric.

This group of Artisans was formed because many young unmarried women in remote areas of India were not allowed to leave their impoverished villages for work because of the conservative mindset. If they left, they often ended up in sweatshops or in the sex trade. Now through Fairtrade these women are empowered to be self-reliant, something unheard of in their villages. By making this scarf, they are stepping away from the mindset that women have no value and cannot take care of themselves. Now they are respected in their villages




Want to do more than shop?

If you’d like to know more about joining my team as a Compassion Entrepreneur, I would be happy to share more of what we do. Or maybe you just want to host a party and share this with friends, you can do that with a home party, an e-party or a catalogue party.
This is such a neat, new opportunity with a young company that is sure to be well received by friends and family. Think of all the gifts you could take care of for the year just from Trades of Hope! And it’s a gift that gives twice–once to a friend and another gift of hope to a woman in need.
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So here we Go!!

Someone is going to WIN some Beautiful things!! 

Congratulations Alex and Darla!! 

I hope you love your Trades of Hope!!

Mumbai Earring and/or Peach Infinite Scarf Giveaway


  1. What a great cause to be a part of! I love how it focuses on helping women throughout some of the most difficult countries in the world today. Good luck with your journey and thank you for sharing such a worthy cause with us on #shinebloghop today!

    1. Thank you Maria-- I try and follow you every week also

  2. I want them all ;) since I'm choosing though the earringsin gold

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! Please share if you can-- 47 hours left! We will be launching our summer insert soon and there will be some 'new' beautiful items to choose from. Good Luck!


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