The Need 2

Hello dears, it is me Ebos today again.

I trust God we are all doing great. I trust God we also answered those questions from my last post truthfully asking God for help where we need help. If you missed the last post, no worries you can read it here.

So let’s continue with an interesting question the disciples asked Jesus in Matthew 19:25
“The disciples were astounded. “Then who in the world can be saved?” They asked”

Hmmm how many times have you looked at an issue in your life and asked “will I ever get saved or delivered from this?” It might be an addiction, bad job, family trouble, bad spouse, abusive husband or boyfriend…

You just look at that problem and mourn thinking and waiting for when you can be truly free from them.

Dear friend I bring you good news today that if only you will look up to God, to Him who all things are possible it will all be over. He loves you, and it breaks His heart to see you in pain. Look up, ask Him and believe Him. I know He will come to your aid and deliver.
For those praying for their salvation or the salvation of a loved one, look at verse 26 in the NLT

“Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God everything is possible”.

For the young rich man, his wealth was hindering him from accepting and following Christ. In our world today there are a billions things that hinder people from accepting Jesus. Humanly speaking we can never know God or be right with Him but in HIM we can know Him and be right with him.

So come before God today telling Him on your own you can’t do it but you need Him to do it for you. Bring that child, husband, nephew, niece, co-worker that needs salvation before God in prayers and in love again and God will do it. You can’t, the person can’t, the government or rehab or a good school can’t, even your scolding can’t but Jesus can.

Let’s pray: Oh God who is able, we thank You for your word to us today. We bring before You every impossibility that You do what only You can do. We leave all in your hands from today, we decide to trust and love You. In Jesus name. Amen.

Till next time, and with love from Nigeria,


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