Blessings from Grandmas House

Grandparents are special people with wisdom and pride.
They are always offering love and kindness and are always there to guide.
They often make you feel so confident and strong.
Their arms are always open, no matter what you did wrong.
They try to help out in every way that they can.
They love all their grandchildren the same whether you're a child, woman, or man.
They are always there to listen and to lend a helping hand.
They show you respect and they try to understand.
They give their love, devotion, and so much more, that's easy to see.
Grandparents, what perfect examples of the kind of person that we should be!

~ By Stacy Smith ~

Visiting grandma this weekend a such a blessing I am so thankful for all her love, encouragement and wisdom

Hellos and Hugs

Talking, walking and remembering... 

Enjoying our time together...

Gotta get some eats... 

More of all of that..  and homemade gifts from grandma... 

Dish towels


coaster or whatever you want to use them for... 

Gods Promises.... 

Antique from my great, great grandmother..... 

Grandmas recipes.... YuM

Loving thoughts of you today grandma and always, you are a blessing to me 

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  1. ahh, i haven't had a grandma in such a very long time. this was sweet. thanks for the sharing.

  2. What a lovely, lovely post. Thank you for sharing-

  3. I'm so glad you are enjoying your grandmother while she is here...She seems precious.

  4. Such sweet pictures :) Great post, and thanks so much for linking up at Thankful Tuesday :)


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