Grateful~Have you thanked Him Today?

"This book is the Song of Solomon for our century."

It is a love letter between Jesus and a woman he has been wooing for a lifetime. And when we read it, we realize her story is our story and the love language she learns, is one we can also learn.

This is the story of a passionate love affair with a God that is not a distant lover.

This is Mere Christianity from a woman’s perspective. This book is the love song you will want to listen to on repeat until you know the words by heart. ~Lisa-Jo Baker,  DaySpring
I've been reflecting lately on my struggle with depression, anxiety and fear for years. 
I do know that  "God is still working on me."   
The only thing that worked that night was laying in bed and focusing on what I'm thankful for. My thankfulness turned to prayer and then sleep, thank the Lord.
I still struggle as we all do in our daily lives, but it's a work in progress.  
I've been following Holy Experience for a while now and have considered joining the Gratitude Community and beginning my official list of 1,000 gifts. 
Beginning my list of 1,000 Gifts

1000 gifts

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