Thank God Every Morning When you get up

One Thousand Gifts is a celebration of grace and a recognition of the power of gratitude. 

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More Thanksgiving to the Lord.... 

62.  Trees, flowers, scents of summer

63. Working in the garden

64. Mom and Daughter time  
65. Blessings from the Lord to provide what is needed at home
66. Good Food
67. Raychele getting her first Job
68. Fresh Fruit

69. I am thankful for Christian Friend who post scriptures at the time they are needed most
70. Teaches at Church on Sunday morning
71. Thankful for our passionate Pastor who loves The Lord and teaches us how to serve Him
72. Thankful for another day the Lord has made
73. Growing in the Lord
74. For the Grace the Lord gives me everyday
75. Little baby Jackson 

76. Praise the Lord Joy in giving thanks to you everyday!
77. Thankful for the Spirit in me that helps to guide me each day
78. Thankful that Michael got his job out of College and Loves it
79. Long lost friends that make you feel warm all over
80. Nieces and nephews that bring such joy

81. Positive encouraging music at the right moment
82. Reminder of JOB suffering and the faithfulness of God
83. Something cold to drink
84. A place to lay my head
85. Morning Coffee with the bird singing
86. The beautiful landscape that the Lord has made

87. The sound of the waves splashing on the beach
88. Amazing photos
89.  New hair cut
90. Mom and daughter laughing together

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