Beauty in the Ashes

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 "I would love to tell you that I changed the world. That I seen people get healed and delivered from bondages, or that the 
multitudes heard the Gospel and gave their hearts to Jesus. 

That has not been my experience at all. 

In fact , I now have a strong opinion about short term missions and how they can be more harmful than good at times."  -- Sarah German 

My dear friend has been on a journey for the last 10 months 
with The World Race, I cannot imagine the heartache and 
pain she has witnessed while on this journey, but I do know 
she was a light burning bright along with her team to all those
that felt helpless.

She has recently shared some 'behind the scenes' to update 
family friends and those that have supported her on the race. 
I was touched and saddened by her blog post.  

Here is something that made me think about my work with
Trades of Hope and all of the desperate situations around the

'Which country had the most poverty? 
"Haiti was the poorest and darkest country I have been to. India was pretty bad but does not even compare to what I seen in Haiti. My team worked in Port Au Prince at an orphanage. We were not allowed to leave to go anywhere without a Haitian man by our side. The air smelled like rotten eggs, there was a thick layer of smog and pollution and the streets were filled with garbage. There were no jobs. No way for families to support themselves. Children were orphaned at every street corner."

You can read more from Sarah on her World Race blog post.

It also made me think of all the companies out that are 
creating sustainable businesses for those in areas such as
these, giving them hope for a brighter tomorrow.

I encourage you spend with a purpose -- where are my 
purchases coming from? who is benefiting from them? 
What if I could help other mothers, families and their 
communities when I make a purchase?

In upcoming post I will be sharing some companies that I have  researched that are ethical, good,that give back and provide opportunities, offering a hand up and not just a hand out. 

Stay Tuned.

We can find Beauty in the Ashes

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